Spring is here, which means so is allergy season! Overreacting of the nervous and immune system: Our brain controls all activities in our body, our brain and body communicate using pathways in our spine called nerves. The nerves supplying the immune system have been damaged by the bones in your spine causing to be hyperactive.  … Continue reading Allergies

Chiropractic & Kids

Infants, Children and Chiropractic Something I already get asked when I tell people I want to work with kids is, why would my healthy child need chiropractic? Here's a little insight: Being born is tough work! There is a ton of physical pressure and strain on a baby’s spine as they enter the world. These … Continue reading Chiropractic & Kids

Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes

  As someone with a passion for sports, it's refreshing to see youth sports becoming more and more competitive. Youth sports are much more aggressive than they used to be, kids are motivated to throw harder and shoot better. A child can learn an abundance of skills, however, along with increased participation comes increased injury.   … Continue reading Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes