Stress Management

Stress in your life is almost expected these days. Rushing around trying to get life’s duties taken care of can have a big impact on the stress you feel. Some people will just try to deal with stress as best as they can, but others will actively look for ways to help reduce and manage stress.

There are a variety stressors that impact you on a daily basis. These stresses come from multiple sources but will also build up. If we don’t create coping strategies for this, your body will begin to compensate and this is when symptoms of disease or injury are created

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Chiropractic care is one option that will help you cope with the stress build up. You can turn to chiropractors around your neighbourhood for help managing stress. The spinal cord is the root of the nervous system. It makes sense that addressing misalignments in the spine help stress. Even if it doesn’t completely lower your stress level, spinal adjustments might help to address other ailments you might be dealing with.

Research has demonstrated that patients receiving chiropractic adjustments had improved brain activity in pain processing and stress reactions (Ogura, 2011). Reduced cortisol (stress hormones) levels were also found and this indicates that stress levels dropped. In general, we understand that chiropractic adjustments affect how we cope with pain and how we respond to disease, injury and stress. It is this effect on the nervous system that shows how chiropractic can promote the overall well-being we are trying to achieve. Chiropractic has so much more to offer than simple pain management.

1) T Ogura, M Tashiro, M Masud (2011) Cerebral Metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation for Neck Pain. Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine . Nov/Dec2011, Vol. 17 Issue 6, p12-17. 6p.

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