Spring is here, which means so is allergy season!

Overreacting of the nervous and immune system:

Our brain controls all activities in our body, our brain and body communicate using pathways in our spine called nerves. The nerves supplying the immune system have been damaged by the bones in your spine causing to be hyperactive.  A person with an aligned spine would be able to adapt to a stressor such as an allergen, whereas a person with misalignment is unable to adapt. This explains why one person might be allergic to something that others are not.

To understand this concept, we can use the analogy of filling up a bucket. The bucket will represent our ability to accommodate, react, and adapt to the various stresses in life. As everyone knows, a bucket is made to hold only so much water or in this instance stress. To fill our buckets, chemical, emotional, traumatic, and allergic stressors all contribute. As long as our nerves are communicating with our immune systems properly, we can continue to adapt to these forms of stress and our buckets should never reach a point where they overflow. However, in some people their nervous system is functioning improperly, and as a result their immune system overreacts to normal stresses causing allergic reactions.

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