Sitting is the New Smoking!

pexels-photo-842554.jpegAre you sitting all the time ?

Think about how often we sit everyday and for how long to determine if it could be leading to back problems.

It’s commonly accepted among all professionals that lower back pain is related to prolonged sitting. And these days we spend plenty of time during our day doing exactly that!! We sit in the car, we sit most of the day at work and we even sit to watch television after our workday is over. It seems that the only time we’re not sitting is when we’re moving from one location to the next. This is just how we’re living and it should be no surprise that low back pain has become an epidemic.

I am not saying stop sitting, what you should do is take steps to minimize the amount of stress we put on our back musculature!

Some things you can change include:

  • Take breaks throughout the day
  • Get up and walk every 30-45 minutes
  • Get a stand up desk
  • Stretch your spine throughout the day
  • Do basic back exercises

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