Introduction to your Chiropractic Intern


Welcome to my Chiropractic Blog. I will be using this platform to share my knowledge of health, exercising, and overall body wellness that I’ve learned the past 7 years of education.

But first, a little bit about my self and what brought me into the world of chiropractic. I grew up in Surrey, BC a suburb of Vancouver, BC Canada where I went to school, played basketball and where I plan on going to practice eventually. Playing competitive sports I found my self getting injured all the time, this led me to rehab and being in this setting attracted to the profession of getting people/athletes out of pain. It wasn’t until I got to chiropractic school I began to realize the affect chiropractic has on the human body. Someone who grew up getting sick 2-3 times a year, had asthma since 2 years old & food intolerances to many common foods, constantly being prescribed different antibiotics I knew I had to incorporate chiropractic into my lifestyle and begin to live much more holistic.

In this blog I will cover various topics including; what is chiropractic, the different populations it can help, taking a vitalistic approach to your health, I will also cover exercise topics, stretches for common overuse injuries and much more.

I look forward to sharing this content! And I hope you come back to read some more.


Didar Grewal


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